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Yet Here We Are

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Daniels Photo Well here we are again! Hello to all reading this!


Having just returned from Thanksgiving leave, I find myself both rested and exhausted at the same time, which confounds my logic. However, there are only two and a half weeks left in the first semester of my fourth class year. Only a year ago this seemed almost unthinkable to have gotten this far; yet here we are, with classes wrapping up and preparing for the first round of final exams. I think that as we get closer, it will probably become harder to get motivated about the grind.


Since the last time I wrote, it seems like so much more has happened. The Windjammers represented the Coast Guard Academy in the New York City Veteran’s Day parade and played at the Giants-Raiders game the day before. These experiences were truly unique and I have had some of the best times of my life while off on these excursions.


Thanksgiving leave was a little strange for me, since I live in Connecticut. I have been able to go home on many occasions, but I have not been able to drive or wear civilian clothes yet. Being able to see my friends and visit my old high school was great, as was getting to be a little bit more like a “normal” person.


I’m getting excited for the winter formal coming up. The formal is an event that involves a large portion of the cadet corps eating a very fancy dinner followed by a night of dancing. I enjoy events like this, so I am anticipating a great experience as I get to hang out with my classmates outside of the military atmosphere of the Academy.


Until next time!



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