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The Diary of a Restricted Kid

(Overcoming Challenges, The Cadet Experience, Class of 2015) Permanent link   All Posts
Driscoll Photo I am restricted this week. Having been a model cadet with zero negative marks for the past two years, I’ve struggled a bit with the idea of getting in trouble. However, in the grand scheme of things, mistakes happen and people get punished. What is more important is that you recover and move on…


So I have a week of restriction. It started last Tuesday and goes until the morning of the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. (Which is nice, because that way I can still get out of here on time for Thanksgiving leave.) I had a minor fender-bender in a fifteen-passenger government vehicle; as the driver, I am held responsible. I received a one-week restriction, two work hours, and one marching tour.


Each day, I have to attend a special formation at 1930 and 2200 called Restricted Cadet Formation (RCF). Here, the RCDO (the 1/c cadet responsible for the corps that day) and the company OODs (the eight 1/c cadets responsible for each company, under the supervision of the RCDO) inspect the uniforms of the restricted cadets. For the most part, RCF is an inconvenience. On the weekends, it occurs four times a day. In addition to having to attend RCF, I must wear the uniform of the day from reveille until 2200. Again, an inconvenience. The weirdest part of being restricted, for me, was my marching tour.


Marching tours are marched in the Old Quad, in your black drill uniform. You march back and forth with a rifle for fifty minutes. It got boring very quickly, because I couldn’t wear a watch and I couldn’t hear the bells of the chapel. I hated it after the first five minutes…but the end came by surprise, which was nice.


No matter what happens between now and Tuesday morning, I will be delighted to get off restriction, and be able to go on liberty again. Until then, I am open to readers’ questions: email me at Have a good night all!



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