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Autumn Fun

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Beck Photo You’ll hear it a lot from cadets, but it really is true how fast time passes here. Just like during Swab Summer, the days are long but the weeks are short. The days are significantly shorter now that we get to manage our own time, though!


Academics are ramping up as finals approach, but October ended on a really high note and we’re all ready to stick with our studies for a few more weeks. Halloween festivities last month were far more enjoyable than I expected, never really being the type to dress up before. Myself and 3 other shipmates in my company dressed up as Ghostbusters (and a slimer!) for the evening’s events. These included a very upbeat dinner together as a corps culminating with a costume contest and trick-or-treating at the Superintendent’s (and her staff’s) houses on campus. There was also a pumpkin carving contest and I went nautical with my company Fourth Class’ pumpkin and carved a square knot into it with a friend’s help. It turned out great! It was such a great night and really brought us together for some mindless fun.


That night also turned out to be the last warm night of the year, it’s only gotten colder since. I hope you have some thick skin and motivation to work out to stay warm here! Crew season is over for the winter but I still find myself working out for 1-2 hours every day when I would have had practice. After a full day of classes, I’ve really learned to value the mental break that exercise provides.



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