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Feels Like Home

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Wu Photo I have been at the Air Force Academy for almost three months. I am now past the point of adapting and adjusting to the unfamiliarity involved in being an exchange cadet. Everything around me is starting to feel like home. I have accepted Colorado and the Air Force Academy and they have accepted me. I love seeing the mountains every morning, knowing that the mountains lie to the West. I love my room even with the suspicious old carpeting. Even noon meal formations are bearable because every time my roommate and I go to the formations we are laughing. Marching is more fun with my marching buddy and same goes with walking to and from classes with people in my squad or people in my classes. It is even comforting to be in my room by myself and hear a voice in the hallway and automatically know who the voice belongs to. It is such a blessing to have been able to come to the Air Force Academy for a semester and I know when the day comes for me to say goodbye, it will be very bittersweet. It will also be very hard to adjust back to the CGA when I get back to New London in January. I have definitely become accustomed to the terminologies here and I always have to correct myself when I am talking to family or friends back at the CGA. It is interesting to see how people are like sponges and we mold ourselves to our surroundings once we are at a location for a period of time.


Looking forward to the rest of the semester, I am excited that I will be able to spend Thanksgiving with my family and be able to show them my new home. I cannot wait for my sister and my mom to come out for the beginning of my Thanksgiving break and then I get to see two of my friends from the CGA for the rest of the week! I am looking forward to getting back in touch with the life I left when I came to Colorado Springs and hope when I see them, I will be able to slowly readjust and come to the realization that I will have to go back to CGA soon. It is definitely a lot stricter at the Coast Guard Academy, so coming to the Air Force Academy is a relief and very much like a vacation.


Now that is enough talk about the far future; more about the near future. I will be jumping out of an airplane tomorrow! It will be my very first time ever skydiving and parachuting. The scarier part is that I will be doing everything solo. We have had a bunch of training leading up to this day and, now, tonight we attend the “Last Supper,” a tradition in the airmanship program. It is a joke that the students will not survive their first jump so they might as well end with their best meal the night before. After this Last Supper, all that is left is strapping in and going up in the air. Wish me good luck!



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