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My Families

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Frost Photo Over the past year, I have realized how important family is. I know that I could not be successful in life if it wasn’t for my family. I never realized how much I had to be thankful for and how much my family really meant to me until I went away for school. It’s crazy how you realize how much someone means to you when you don’t see them every day. Going to school more than a thousand miles away from home makes me appreciate every moment I get to spend with my family.


I know a lot of my friends went away for school thinking, “Yes I’m free! My parents are not my boss and now I’m out on my own!” I can’t imagine this. My parents have only ever been supportive, and I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for my family. They are always there pushing me to get better, but helping me when I struggle. I have realized over the last year just how lucky I am to have parents and a big sister that I am so close to. I know whenever I am having a bad day, my family will be there to talk no matter what time it is. They help me get through everything. I have learned to cherish every opportunity I get to go home because it is only a few times a year. Being here has made me much more grateful for what I have.


My family doesn’t stop at my parents and my sister. The Academy is a place where you develop so many families, each there to support you. My best friend’s family has become my second family that I can go spend long weekends with. I even get a little brother when I visit them! Then, the sponsor family program gives me yet another family right in the New London area, where I can decompress and get off campus. It is amazing how families around the Academy take in cadets as if they are their own. I feel like I always have someone looking out for me.


Most importantly, the corps itself is a family. My teammates and classmates all form family-like bonds that cannot be broken. This kind of support you don’t get at a civilian college. It’s support I never realized was important before coming to the Academy, but it’s support that everyone needs to get through here. And this support is the same that I give to my friends. You have so many people looking out for you and trying to help you at the Academy. It’s these families that I could no longer imagine my life without.


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