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Everything I Expected and More

(Choosing the Coast Guard Academy, Extracurricular Activities and Faith-Based Involvement, Class of 2017) Permanent link   All Posts
Mills Photo My first month as a fourth class at the Academy has been a whirlwind. It is everything I expected and more. After waiting two years to be here I can honestly say that I made the right decision. Swab Summer was one of the more challenging experiences of my life. It will help you to discover how much more resilient and strong willed you can be. Even as the school year begun, my heart still raced hearing reveille over the loud speaker. The school year starting was like a breath of fresh air.


There are so many clubs offered here I just couldn’t decide which to join first. I am currently a member of the International Ballroom Dance Club, Cadet Activities Club, and the Cadet Blog Club! Swab Summer definitely taught me how to manage my time if nothing else and it has been essential this first month. I am now settling into the routine of our classes and the homework schedule, giving me an opportunity to enjoy the extracurricular activities the Academy has to offer.


The corps had its real first bonding event at the Coast Guard Academy Bears vs. Merchant Marine Academy football. It was a very exciting game full of a lot of morale and it really brought the corps closer. I was also given a chance to travel with the Coast Guard Academy’s marching band to the Big E agricultural fair hosted here in New England. It was so nice to get out into the real world and I was even allowed to wear civilian clothing! Everything is going very well.


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