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Loving Life

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Haley Photo Hey guys!


During the first week of classes, an upperclassman told me that the days here would be long but the weeks would go by fast and the months even faster. I’ll admit that at first I was skeptical. It was only the first day and I had so much work to do! Just making it to the end of the day seemed impossible—never mind making it through weeks and months. But as usual, this upperclassman was correct. Somehow, time has flown by and we’re already nearly half way through the semester!


This past month or so has been awesome! The schoolwork is definitely difficult and sometimes overwhelming, but as long as I just focus on the task at hand and not stress about the piles of work left to do, I keep myself sane. I’ve found that most cadets here really cherish sports period as a time to relax and recharge their batteries for a night of schoolwork. For me, cross country practices and meets have definitely been something to look forward to. The people on the team are awesome and getting to travel around to different schools around New England to run every weekend is pretty cool. And since I’m from the area, I’ve gotten to see a lot of my old teammates and running friends at meets, which is sweet. I’m also pretty lucky that since I live close I’ve been able to see my family and visit my friends at different colleges quite a bit. Aside from all that, it’s really the little things that happen at the Academy that make it so great. Whether it’s dying laughing with my roommate about the awkward things that happen as a braced up fourth class or coming back to the Academy covered in dirt and scratches from thorns after getting lost in the woods on a run (#fourthclassprobs), it’s the little, insignificant things that get me through the day.


There are definitely the ups and downs being here at the Academy, but, there’s always so much to look forward to…enjoying my favorite season—fall (a.k.a. eating everything pumpkin-flavored), Halloween, XC meets, seeing everyone at home for Thanksgiving…these next few weeks should be a lot of fun! So even though the Academy has proven to be pretty difficult, at the end of the day—even if the end of the day is at 0100 in the morning—I always climb into my rack thinking about how much I love my life.


#Lovinglife #Beingpositive #Bye


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