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It’s Worth Every Minute!

(Athletics, Class of 2017) Permanent link   All Posts
Beck Photo Hey there! I’m Laura, (4/c Beck) and if you’re looking for maybe a different perspective on Academy life, I hope to give you that. Sorry if this post may not live up to that…but I promise it only gets better.


These first few weeks of the academic year are so overwhelming. Not only do we have a full course load but also tons of rules to acclimate to. This may seem discouraging, but knowing that the three classes above us all dealt with the same thing, and respecting how much knowledge, and professionalism they have, motivates us all to work hard every day.


Above all, the community here is really supportive. I attended civilian university for a while and the Academy is way closer to being a team (dare I say a family?) than the random grouping of people I experienced previously. The academic and moral support system makes us feel included and involved.


I started a sport here I’ve never tried: crew. As with my shipmates’ experiences on their teams, I’ve been overjoyed at the outstanding training and opportunities for anyone to do well if they work hard. The two hours a day set aside for athletics is my time to use a different part of my brain. Without it, I wouldn’t be able to crank out essays in just a couple hours. The physical work keeps me mentally focused when I need to be.


I feel like not much has happened yet but I’m sure there will be some good stories to share soon!


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