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A Successful Transition

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Schroeder Photo Hello all! Here I am, already a month into school and I cannot believe how fast it is flying by! It’s strange to think that already over a year has passed since I first arrived at this place, and that I have already made it through my fourth class year and third class summer.


This summer I got to see some amazing places; I was in Miami, Florida for five weeks working on a brand new fast response cutter, and then I went on Barque Eagle for six weeks where we got to travel to places such as Bermuda, France, and Canada. I had some unforgettable experiences that easily made for the best summer I’ve ever had. At first it was definitely tough to get back into school mode, but I’ve ended up making a great transition.


I am a Marine and Environmental Sciences major and I am taking some really cool classes! Meteorology and Marine Biology are among my favorites. As a fourth class I just took general classes, now it’s awesome to study subjects I am actually interested in! I’ve already got to learn and see some pretty neat things, for example in Marine Biology lab the other day we got to go to the beach and catch small critters like crabs and jellyfish.


School isn’t the only thing keeping me busy this year though. I joined the women’s rugby team a month ago and I love it! I’m playing loose-head prop for the A-side team, and we just had our first game last weekend and we won! I play hockey so I’m used to contact sports but rugby is definitely exciting and new. Hockey pre-season stuff has also been starting, and as team secretary I have a lot of new responsibilities that I did not have last year, and a lot of paperwork to get done!


School, sports, and military obligations have definitely been keeping me busy, but so far I’ve had a great time in this first month of school and can’t wait for autumn.


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