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Major-Specific Classes

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Zwenger Photo Once again, another blog entry, except this one is on time unlike my last few. So the school year has started up again. I’m actually really happy and excited about my classes this semester because they all pertain to my major, which is Civil Engineering if you haven’t heard yet. Finally, I don’t have a schedule filled with classes that don’t particularly interest me, and I don’t have any classes that the major assignments are to write. The classes I have are mostly doing applied math kind of stuff and learning about the different aspects of civil engineering. This is what my next three (including this one) semesters will look like so I’m stoked for the next year and a half in terms of school.


The one main problem that I have this year is that the Academy appears to think that there is somewhat of a correlation between the school year and cadre summer. During the summer a group of classmates and I were in charge of 25+ high school students. We taught them military things, told them how to eat, when to eat, where to go, how to get there, when to get up, how fast they have to get up, etc. During the school year it is completely different. I have a set of division work that I am supposed to complete, however, I am not responsible for close to 30 people’s lives. It is important to note that the amount of division work has increased from last year and that I do have a bit more responsibility but nothing compared to the summer. That is not to say that I didn’t learn anything last summer, because I learned things that other college students may not learn until they are well into their first job or even past that. The only downfall that I see is that I think some people that work here see a correlation between the summer and the school year, I have yet to see it however.


My parents are coming next week; I’m super excited to see them although it has only been like a month or so since I have seen them. They are coming to my classes for the first time since I’ve been here. I’ll be writing a blog soon about them.


Next semester I hope to be in a division where we are in charge of ‘Cadet for a Day’ so I can see if any of my AIMsters from the summer are coming. If you were my AIMster please email us and let us know you’re coming, we love seeing you all. Shoot the emails to , anyone can email me with questions.


This blog has been all over the place, sorry. Second class (junior) year is so much fun so far, and it’s the friends that make it worth it.


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