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Finals: The Missing April Submission

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Zwenger Photo So I’m writing this one a bit late but the past week of finals was pretty harsh. Speaking of which, I had five finals this year, and although it was a really rough finals week I don’t think they could have gone any better. I started off really strong with the first three and after that my motivation dropped significantly to where I only ended up studying about three or four hours for each one where I probably should have studied a bit more. Nevertheless, I still ended up doing pretty well on all of them. The past month of school in general was pretty tough. All my classes seem to wait until the last minute to have these very large and time demanding projects, papers, and homework assigned. Even with this being the hardest semester I’ve been here for I may end up with goal GPA of 3.0 so job well done to me. Next semester, although I don’t even want to start thinking about school right now, should be a lot more interesting as I get into more major specific classes and not just the general engineering classes.


Summer is finally beginning as we start our different programs. I can’t really comment on those as of right now but in future posts I’ll be sure to talk about them. Two things left, if you’re going to AIM this summer, you may be seeing me soon. Also, I keep noticing more and more people either getting kicked out or voluntarily leaving our class, so it’s a little sad because some are my good friends. Anyways, if you have any questions, feel free to email me at



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