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Accomplishing Goals

(Just for Fun, Class of 2015) Permanent link   All Posts
Meyers Photo So far this semester has been going great. I look back at a lot of the goals I set for myself 4/c and 3/c year and I’ve accomplished or am in the process of accomplishing almost all of them. I’m more organized when it comes to school work; I make time for myself to workout, relax, and do all my homework every day; I get work done ahead of time; and I eat healthy and work out practically every day. Starting 4/c year pretty much none of those were true.


The biggest thing I think I’ve accomplished is getting more involved in video making. Right before I came to the Academy, I blew some money on a nice video camera because it was something I had always wanted. I gave up my dream to become a movie director by coming to the Academy, but I still wanted to be involved in video-making as much as possible. 4/c and 3/c year, I rarely had the opportunity and when I did, my products were only just ok or weren’t something I was really interested in. This year, as word has spread about my video editing abilities, I was approached by people asking me to help them with projects or funny video ideas. I’ll jump at any opportunity I get to make movies so I made two spirit videos for the MMA football game. For those interested, they’re the P90 Swab and Regimental Linebacker videos on my YouTube page, I think the biggest thing to take away is that if you’re good at something you love, there is always a way to do it here.


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