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First Week Back!

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Cardoza Photo Wow! It’s only been a week since I have been back in school and I know that this is going to be a crazy, but awesome, semester! Coming back to school straight from 2/c summer was a little bit of a difficult transition since it is a completely different mindset. My classmates and I went from experiencing so many challenges being both a leader and a follower this summer to now having to focus on academics again. Although, I know that we are not the only class, and that I am not the only cadet that is experiencing this transition. However, even though I know it will take a little bit to get back into the swing of things, it’s nice to have the entire corps back and to start classes again.


This semester is proving to be challenging for me in the sense that I am taking classes that pertain only to my major (aside from the required courses that the Academy has 2/c take). Since I am a Marine and Environmental Sciences major taking the biology and chemistry tracks, I am taking back to back chemistry classes as well as biology classes. I know that it will be a hard semester, but as I’ve learned over the years, all I need to do is work very hard and focus and I will be able to make it through this semester just like I have the past four.


Another reason why I am excited that this year has started is the fact that Women’s Rugby is back up and running (literally)! We have had so many new girls come out this year! It is a joy to see the popularity of rugby increasing throughout the corps. This season also is proving to be a challenge since I am taking on a new position. I am now the new A-Side Scrum Half. And with that position comes a lot of responsibility and hard work. It has been fun so far and I cannot wait until our first game rolls around!


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