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The End to the Greatest Summer

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Bilodeau Photo The beginning of August was the end of cadre. Watching the cadet candidates finish the CGAS program was satisfying and I look forward to seeing each one of the cadet candidates back next year for Swab Summer. After cadre, my friend and shipmate Mary Hazen, and I went to Sector Long Island Sound for the Marine Safety Inspection Program. We gave up a week of our leave to experience life at sector. We saw both the response and prevention sides of sector. The first day we responded to a boat that came loose from its mooring. Then, throughout the week, we shadowed the crew while they conducted a facilities inspection and a ferry inspection. We were also granted the opportunity to go to the station and drive the small boats.


The weekend before CAP week, Mary and I went to New York City. We ate delicious food, visited the Central Park Zoo, went to the Today Show, and we even met Luke Bryan and took a picture with him. The trip was definitely a great way to end the summer.


Mid-August started CAP week, followed by the start of the academic year. My classes this semester as an Operations Research major includes: NautSci III, Computer Modeling Languages, Probability Theory, Morals and Ethics, and Network and Non-Linear Optimization. It has been a good start to the academic year; I am pleased with the material in my classes and I have great professors.


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