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My Summer in a Nutshell

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Wu Photo Wow, it has been a while since I have written a blog! There was just so much going on since March that finally starting off the month of September, I feel able to sit down and recap on everything. So hopefully I can give any readers an insight on the academy life since my last entry in March. I have gone through a lot to say the least.


In April and May, I felt like a whole truckload of stress was dumped on me and I felt buried. There were finals coming up and also I had found out that my grandfather was in the hospital in critical condition. It was definitely a difficult time to focus on academics while also being concerned about the well-being of my family. However, I was able to really fall back on my Coast Guard family and they were very supportive through everything. Not only were my friends at CGA very helpful, but I found my company chief always had his door open and he was very understanding and provided many possible options for me. Through all of this, I truly appreciated being in a small and close knit service.


In June, my grandfather passed away. It was a blessing in disguise that 2/c summer was packed with a lot of things that kept my mind preoccupied. My family and I also knew that my grandfather would not have wanted us to stop living our lives. For 2/c summer, you apply for a cadre role you would prefer and with that cadre role is a specific summer schedule. My summer started off at the range where I was able to qualify as a sharpshooter with Sig Sauer P229 DAK. It was the first time I have ever shot a gun and it was very stress relieving. The next week for me was ROTR week which consisted of long days in a classroom studying Rules of the Road. At the end of the week, we took an exam with 50 multiple choice requiring a 90% to pass. It was hard to remember all the specifics and I did not pass the first time since I got 88, but I was given the opportunity to retake the exam later in the summer and I pulled off the bare minimum of a 90. After ROTR week, my cadre section had leave and I was able to go home and help out the family. After leave, I had T-boat week, which was very educational. Half the time was spent in the simulation room and the other half was spent on the T-boats down at waterfront where we had hands-on experience in communicating with each other, mooring, anchoring, man-overboard procedures, and driving the boat. It was good to practice and become familiar with how to maneuver a boat. After a week working with T-Boats, it was prep week for Swab Summer. I could not believe how time flew; it felt like yesterday when I was a swab reporting in to the Coast Guard Academy. Prep week was a lot of work and a lot of trainings. However, we were under the good guidance of a well-organized summer regimental staff and although we felt like we were not prepared for the incoming class of 2017, we were ready. We had a run through of R-Day and then a full day at Stonington as a class, while back at CGA there was an open house for the class of 2017 and their parents.


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