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April Showers Bring May Flowers

(Overcoming Challenges, The Cadet Experience, Class of 2015) Permanent link   All Posts
Ulbricht Photo Spring is attempting to come peak out of its winter hibernation one colorful flower at a time. With spring comes a flurry of last minute tests, huge projects and any other work that will hopefully get our grades where we need them to be. We only have a month or so until we have our summer trainings to think about. Starting to think about what the summer brings gets me excited to learn and grow as a leader. Granted I did not get the cadre section I had hoped for, I am still looking forward to helping the swabs grow as leaders but more importantly as effective followers. This summer marks the turning point for our class where we go from the effective followers to the leaders, and hopefully learn something in the process. I often stop to think how far we have come since it was our turn to raise our right hand and take the oath of office, not knowing what was coming next. Some of us were newly graduated high school kids, some came from prep school, while others were prior enlisted or came from college. Whatever the case, these strangers were now going to see us cry, laugh, and help us through the tough times.


As often as we think about the bad things about this place, and how much it can bring you down, we forget to stop and be thankful for the good things that we do have, that very few people only imagine of doing. The bonds we have here will never be broken, regardless of the years and miles that separate us. We are like a big family, where most of the people will have your back no matter what. They will be there for you through the good, but will also give you a helping hand when you are down. That is what I like the most about this place. There will always be someone there when the going gets tough and you think that there is no hope left. I can’t wait for the summer, to instill in my future swabs the same work ethic my cadre instilled in me.


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