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Carry On! The Moment We’ve All Been Waiting For

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Stowes Photo At long last, the fourth class has passed boards! It has taken nearly seven weeks, but we’ve done it. Getting carry on is the second most significant part of our young Coast Guard careers, behind taking the oath on Reporting-In day. Receiving full carry on is like the grand finale to fourth class year. We’ve worked so hard mentally, physically, and emotionally to get to this point, and it has paid off. Now we have a short two weeks until we get to go on our summer assignments in the fleet.


Carry on changes everything for fourth class. We feel more like human beings now. We don’t have to be braced up in the hallways, meaning that no more walking in the middle with eyes in the boat, fingers curled, and greeting everyone. We can just walk normally and talk to whomever we want. At meals, we no longer have to square. We can look at our food! And we can talk to other fourth class. When going to class, we no longer have to march in section and be silent. Now, we can go to class using all the short cuts we were forbidden from previously, and we can talk to each other as we do it. On the computer, we can use social media again, watch YouTube videos, and play whatever games we please.


It is hard to describe how satisfying all of these privileges are when most people have never gone without them, but it is amazing.


Carry on is awesome, but it doesn’t mean we’re no longer fourth class. Unfortunately we still have to take out the trash, clean, and announce formation at clocks every morning and afternoon. In addition, Carry on is a privilege that can be taken away at any time. We have to be responsible and respectful or we can lose carry on and have to go back to being braced up. That would be very awful.


If you have any questions, feel free to email me any time.


I look forward to corresponding with you. Stay tuned for a blog on summer assignments!


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