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A Sprint To The Finish

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Simon Photo The last few months have been a whirlwind here at CGA, and it has been quite some time since I’ve written a blog, but better late than never, I suppose…


It’s officially springtime here in Connecticut, meaning warmer weather and longer days ahead! It’s a sprint to the finish, as the corps of cadets enters the last month of classes, and summer is on the horizon.


The corps is starting to receive information on summer training and assignments, and the majority of the Class of 2016 has passed their 4/c Indoctrination Boards. I am relieved that both of my 4/c have passed and now they are able to dedicate their energy and attention to finishing the year strong. I have two 4/c in my division, and I am so excited for them to experience the awesome opportunities and adventures of 3/c summer as they gain knowledge in the Coast Guard fleet, and return as 3/c and role models for the Class of 2017. I have two great 4/c that I am incredibly proud of!


This summer I will be a cadre for the AIM summer program. This program gives rising high school seniors a glimpse of Academy life and Swab Summer. I’m ecstatic, as AIM cadre was my first choice! This summer I will have 11 weeks of training. During which I will be participating in the Cadet Aviation Training Program (CATP) in either Elizabeth City, North Carolina or Mobile, Alabama. I will also be sailing on Leadership 44s for two weeks around New England during the Coastal Sail Training Program before I assume the role of AIM cadre later this summer. Overall, this summer is about developing my leadership style through working with the Aimsters and my classmates. 3/c summer was a blast, and I can’t wait to see what 2/c summer holds!


As this school year is nearing to a close, I started to pick my classes for 2/c year. As a Government major fulfilling the Public Policy and Law track I had many different classes to choose from. I’m really looking forward to taking Contemporary Political Theory, National Security Policy, and Creative Writing among other major specific classes and electives. Overall, it will be a good balance of government and the humanities. It’s crazy to believe that I have completed almost half of my time here at the Academy.


Crew season officially started on March 30 with our season opener at home against Wesleyan. I was the coxswain for the Varsity Eight boat (V8). It was fun to battle it out on the Thames River in front of the home crowd. The water and weather were nearly perfect for the scrimmage. Wesleyan is a strong crew, and we learned a lot. This weekend we will be competing against UConn, Colgate, Trinity, and Marist at UConn. I’m looking forward to another weekend of strong racing and spending time with my teammates.


With 2/c summer so close, I can’t wait to finish this school year and see what the summer holds! As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to send them my way! Go Bears!


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