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The Late Night Woes

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Belanger Photo Its dark, taps just went off, I have signed in for the night, its 10 p.m. and I am ready for bed. Sadly, it is only the start of my night. A lot of my friends at a “normal school” talk to me about the nights that they go to bed at 9 o'clock if they aren’t feeling too well. They were able to finish their homework during the evening, and throughout their day. Here at the Academy, it is definitely not that easy. After a long day of class, finishing around 4 p.m. we then go to our respective sports practice. Luckily for me, I do not necessarily have to go to sports. (I do inter-company sports, which counts as my sports credit.) I do tend to workout during this time frame. After running back to the barracks, I take my shower and get dressed to go to dinner. Having a pretty decent meal, I return to my room to see what I have to accomplish for the rest of the night. It’s now about 7:30 and I begin to start my list, Chemistry online homework due tomorrow night, Calculus homework due tomorrow morning, Statics of Engineering and Design homework due tomorrow afternoon with an exam the next Thursday, reading 58 pages and taking notes for Leaders in American History, and writing a paper and doing research that is due this upcoming Friday. Oh yeah, on top of that I have to go to a corps-wide lecture tomorrow night, there is a Personnel Inspection on Wednesday morning, and a formal room and wing this Saturday. (A formal room and wing is an event in which the 4/c clean the barracks. It is an all-night affair.) This is an average week in the life of a cadet at the United States Coast Guard Academy.


The Academy is not like a normal college at all. We have about 20-22 credit hours per semester, where each professor expects you to spend the same amount or more time on their class, than all of your other classes. Yes, we do not have to make the decision of which outfit to wear, or when to go to work, or worry about a car payment, etc. but we have a very stressful lifestyle. Every day I wake up I have a to-do list. Every night when I go to sleep it seems the list is longer. I am going to be honest with you, my readers, life is difficult and it is a hard transition from high school and even prep school. A lot of my shipmates, along with me, are having a tough semester. We, however, all see the light, even though it is dim right now, at the end of the tunnel and cannot wait to get our ensign shoulder boards in the short time frame…only 1130 days to go…


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