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Halfway Mark!

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Wu Photo It is so exciting to get past the halfway mark and having the end of the semester in sight. Everyone had a refreshing and relaxing spring break and the cadets are impatiently waiting for the warm weather to come and permanently stay at the Academy. The winter has been rough and typically has the reputation as being the “Dark Ages” here, but with the sun coming out and the temperature slowly picking up, I am excited to get back into shape! I had been suffering a minor knee injury that has kept me from regularly exercising and running, but I am slowly getting back into the swing of things and the nice weather recently has tempted me to take some nice runs outside. Running off base are truly a blessing in disguise at the Academy; it is a great stress reliever to get out of Chase Hall and explore New London or Groton! Any time you have something on your mind, whether it is school or for personal reasons, a run off base usually does the job of clearing your mind and unbundling the nerves built up.


The nice weather around the corner also reminds me of a very exciting summer ahead; how it is often on my mind that my classmates and I will soon embark on leadership roles this summer. It is very interesting to be on the other side of Swab Summer this time and seeing everything come together. We have multiple trainings in the morning on how the summer is going to be and the Summer Regimental Staff have been working endlessly to organize and plan. It is amazing how much we have to do this summer and how it is not just Swab Summer for us, but a whole summer full of different leadership opportunities. We also have a lot of duty to sign up for and I never realized how Chase Hall is basically run by 2/c during the summer. We have recently been signing up for different duty slots and also determining our roles as a certain cadre. It is exciting to see how the summer is just around the corner and my classmates and I are getting ready to lead individuals whether it is through Swab Summer, CGAS, or the AIM program. Aside from being cadre, I am very excited for the rest of my summer and very exciting to get everything set up for my semester at the Air Force Academy. Their semester is actually starting really early, on August 4th and I hope I will not be missing out on a lot of the summer programs we have here at the Academy. I am sure all the puzzle pieces will fall into place when the time comes! Until then, I am just taking the semester one day at a time and keeping my head above water to get to the end of the semester and through finals week!


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