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A Florida Boy’s First Winter

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Belanger Photo Growing up in northern Florida did not prepare me at all for what I am currently experiencing here in the North. Before I came here a low of 60 degrees would cause me to wear a winter jacket with jeans and the heat turned up all the way in my car. Well in early November, I discovered a new definition of cold. The first morning I woke up and looked at the thermometer on my desk and saw that outside the temperature was 30 degrees, my heart sunk. Formation was held indoors for a change and I felt like that day would be no different than any other day. However, on the way to my first class I immediately knew I was out of my element. Because we have to follow the Plan of the Day, I was not ready for the short walks to class. I was freezing. Those that I made fun of during the summer for complaining about 85 degree weather with a little humidity got to get their laughs in.


Two weekends ago, the northern United States was hit with the first blizzard of the winter. Well let’s just say that I did not know what was happening at all. I got into my first snowball fight and lost. Got tackled in the snow, a lot, and discovered what black ice is. On the way to an exam last week walking down the famous library hill, in terms of those around me, I ate it. I slipped on to my back and slid about 10 feet down the hill. Let’s just say that it was not graceful at all. This past weekend was Presidents’ Day weekend which meant there was no school on Monday! So I tried to go skiing. I think I rolled down the mountain more than I was actually on my feet. All bumps and bruises aside, I cannot wait to go again! This next time I am going to try snowboarding though!


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