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The Start of a New Semester

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Kloo Photo I am writing this from a train on the way to New York City for a weekend of liberty after the start to the semester. As always, you hate to leave your friends and family, and return to CGA but each semester offers new opportunities.


With a new semester comes new classes, which allow you to get further into your major and really focus on the topics you really enjoy. There is still a mixture of core and major-specific classes. Physics II and Probability and Statistics are both core classes, but those classes integrate nicely with many of the concepts in Physical and Analytical Chemistry.


Second semester of third class year is exciting. The big thing on everyone’s mind is which cadre section they will be a part of. The cadre are the ones who train the incoming Class of 2017, and each of the different sections: Swab Summer, waterfront, AIM, CGAS, or Eagle, and each group is responsible for a different component of training. In addition to cadre we have rules of the road training, pistol qualification, aviation training, and coastal sail training program, each of which offers a different component of development for us.


Crew is in full swing as always, and we are training hard for the Crash-B’s up in Boston. It has been a long winter on the erg and with weights but we are all looking forward to our spring break trip to Florida, where we can get out on the water and put down a ton of meters.


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