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New Semester, New Year!

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Cardoza Photo Even though the corps had the longest winter break that we will ever have in our four years here, it felt like it was way too short! When we came back, it felt like we had never left at all! Although, changing rooms, changing roommates, getting new classes, and attending a lot of trainings and lectures helped us all ease back into the daily whirlwind that is the Academy. My classes this semester are enjoyable for the most part! Being able to be in my major-specific classes such as Marine Geochemistry and Physical Oceanography really help to give me a sense of what my classes will be like for the rest of my time here. They also help me to appreciate being an MES major while my engineering friends are doing subjects that I can’t even imagine taking.


Even though rugby is over and we didn’t make it to Nationals like the men’s team did, water polo just started up and I am super excited to finally get back in the water! This will be my 6th year playing, and each year I get even more excited to begin a new season. Our team looks really strong this year with about two to three strings of starters that have played the game before. There are also a number of new girls that have come out to play, so being able to see a team develop from vets and newbies is an enjoyment to watch and even more fun to be a part of!


Presidents' Day Weekend and Spring Break are the next two events that the corps is looking forward to. It is going to be nice to be able to go back home to sunny San Diego for a week before I have to come back to single digit weather! I am really excited to get through the first part of the second semester and to keep on chugging through until we hit the summer!


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