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cadet blogs

A Fresh Start

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Bilodeau Photo Returning to the Academy was finally a better experience than usual. I was able to choose my roommate this semester, which is one of my best friends here at the Academy. A goal I have for this semester is to strengthen my abs. So, we have been working out together almost nightly in order to be prepared for our cadre summer. Another one of my more random goals this semester is to drink more tea, so we set up a tea station on our bookshelf.


The classes I am taking this semester include: Discrete Mathematics, Linear Optimization, Ships, Racquetball/Golf, Intelligence and National Security Policy, Navigation Lab, and Physics II. I am really fond of my math classes and the Intelligence class, but I do not care for Physics II, which is going to be my hardest class this semester.


I got a season’s pass to Okemo for the winter so I would be able to ski. I have been able to ski Okemo three times so far, and once at a little mountain in Connecticut called Mohawk Mountain. When I was home on leave, I skied three days at Sunday River. Skiing on the weekends is refreshing and really makes me happy. It is a healthy way to have fun and leave the Academy for the entire day. It makes me feel accomplished instead of sleeping my whole day away on Sunday. I am definitely going to ski more this year in order to keep my batteries charged.


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