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cadet blogs

A Breakfast in Uniform

(The Cadet Experience, Class of 2016) Permanent link   All Posts
Kukich Photo As a local Connecticut cadet I have the opportunity to visit home often, at least two times a month. While it is a complication not to be able to drive or wear civilian clothing while less than 75 miles of the Academy, it is a treat to leave the campus and act more human. At home I enjoy blaring music, conversing freely with my friends, and especially looking at my food. Over a recent break my grandfather took me out to a townie breakfast spot for an enjoyable meal and the most surprising thing took place - someone anonymously paid for our meal. Looking at my meal was unexpected; having it paid for was mind boggling. My grandfather and I asked the waitress who we could thank, but unfortunately the couple had already left. As a young and very new member of the military it is an honor to see an example of such respect in my life and comforting to know that support comes in all kinds.


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