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Closing It All Down

(Academics, The Cadet Experience, Class of 2015) Permanent link   All Posts
Krakower Photo As I sit here and get ready for finals to start tomorrow, I can gladly and proudly say this was the best semester I’ve had here. Granted, you would think it would already be since I’m no longer a 4/c, and that does help for sure. However, there was so much more to being a 3/c than I ever expected, and this whole semester has been absolutely great.


For starters, I went from being a mediocre academic to a pretty good one. As I head into finals, I’m nowhere near the situation of “needing the final to pass the class.” It’s all A’s, B’s and one C+. And since I’m confident in my abilities to pump that grade up with the final, I’m definitely in a calmer mood regarding academics. Athletics-wise, without lacrosse I was able to play all the intercompany sports for Echo, as well as creating a little football league with some of my friends every Friday night. It was a great way to let off steam and stay in shape.


Idlers and Glee Club has in itself been amazing. We went to Maryland/D.C./NYC in early November. We performed at the Jets-Cardinals game. The Idlers did our annual Christmas at the Griswold Inn, which was outstanding! It’s been a real blessing to participate in the club and to have those opportunities with the group. As for drama, the play went incredibly well, and I’m STILL hearing compliments from staff and the faculty. It’s such a great feeling when hard work is rewarded, which is sort of what makes this place so great.


The best part of this whole semester has been watching my 4/c mature and grow. It’s amazing how far they’ve come as a class, and that only a year ago, 2015 had done the same. It’s exciting to know that they will soon be in my shoes, helping the next class. My division has put me up for a Silver Star (Superior Military Performance), which I’m ecstatic about. It’s been a goal of mine to get a star at this place, and it looks like I’ll be getting my first. The military side of things has just been great.


With that, it’s time to take down these finals and head on home for break. Go CGA, Go 2015, Beat Finals!


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