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Trudging Through the Work

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Murphy Photo Obviously, 3/c year is a lot different than 4/c year. First of all, I’m not homesick; I have become a lot closer to my friends and teammates. Second of all, I don’t have all the responsibilities of a 4/c. That means no more squaring, bracing up, and feeling like a robot. With this nice change, comes some bad news. The academics don’t get any easier. Currently I am studying civil engineering and I have had a rough semester academically. Classes are more intense and aren’t necessarily “core” classes. I’ve just been trudging through the work; I work with two other friends of mine who are studying civil engineering. It works really well because we are able to bounce ideas off of each other to figure out our work (of course we credit each other).


Coming home for Thanksgiving was nice, but I wasn’t as excited as last year. This is because I have become a lot more comfortable at the Academy. I have had a lot to think about though; I am considering switching majors. Cadets need to pick a major by the end of their sophomore year, but in order to not get behind, I need to pick my major by next semester. Wish me luck! Good luck with the application process!


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