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Winning the ECAC Championship

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Trefonides Photo For Veteran’s Day weekend I traveled to Bristol, Rhode Island for the ECAC Tournament at Roger Williams University with the soccer team. We left Saturday morning at about 1130 and arrived at 1300. Coach Parsons had planned for us to watch the first half of the first semi-final match that RWU was playing in, since we would likely see them in the finals over any other team, but they were dominating their opponent so much that we wouldn’t have gotten that much out of watching the game.


So instead we decided to watch a wrestling tournament at RWU that Coast Guard was in on the same day as our tournament. It ended up being great for me because I ran into a bunch of people from back home. I got to catch up with Dan Rogers, a friend from high school who wrestles at RWU, and his parents. I saw Caitlyn Murphy, another friend from high school who I was glad to hear she is loving her first year at college. I also got to talk with her father who I know from town and from all of my soccer games he has refereed over the years. He updated me about how my high school’s soccer team did this year and gave me a heads up about how Endicott College, the team we were playing that day, is as a team. I also ran into Kyle D’Urso, who is one of my best friend’s older brother and he seems to be doing well. Overall, it was great catching up with nice people I haven’t seen in a while.


During the game on Saturday, it was clear that Endicott was not going to beat us. It was a hard-fought match, but we won the semifinal against Endicott and had the better of them most of the game even though the 2-1 score may not reflect that very well. I was happy to see senior leader Greg Kennerley and a freshman Lukas Benedetto both score pivotal goals in the match.


Since my sister Stephanie was there for the first time to watch a game I went to dinner with her and my mother afterward. Ruby Tuesdays in the mall is only ok, but either way I had fun shooting the breeze with them and walking around the mall. It just makes me more excited about Thanksgiving break that is coming next Tuesday when I will get to see the rest of my family. After dinner, I went back to the hotel and fell asleep right away since the bed my hotel room was much more comfortable than my lofted furniture in Chase Hall.


Sunday, the day of the championship match, was a day to remember. We fought hard, and represented the success we had this season well, which was due to the resilience and strength of our team as a whole. There were individual players on RWU that had good feet, but we matched them and there was nothing they could do about our team strength and size. We were faster, stronger, determined, and wanted the title more than anything. RWU just managed to hold us off from putting the ball into the net after several close chances and near misses, and I’m sure they were relieved when the game went to penalty kicks and we did not finish the game in sudden death overtime like it appeared we would. Our goalkeeper Richie Burns made a great save to allow our last penalty kicker to finish off the match with a blast to the right corner. Our whole team stormed the field with a combination of excitement, relief, and pride. We were playing for more than ourselves, and all of us, especially the seniors and Greg Kennerley who wears the number 12 jersey to honor our hero Thomas Cameron, wanted nothing more than to end our season the way that Cameron did his senior year at CGA – as the ECAC Champion team.


We ended the season exceptionally with strong momentum and an experienced roster to look forward to next season, but leave with the memory that we will never forget of our captain proudly holding that number 12 jersey high in the air.


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