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Semesters to Go

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Patron Photo The semester is quickly wrapping up and with little room for idling. Just in this week alone, I have two exams on the same day, and two papers greater than 10 pages. There are also smaller projects here and there that keep me busy. All I can say is that I am counting the days until Thanksgiving. It has become a Patron Family tradition to make the drive to New York to watch the Macy’s Day Parade and this year is no exception.


Once all the festivities are over, I report back to USCGA for the last few days of classes and begin preparing for finals. All I can report is that this semester has been the quickest yet! One minute I was preparing for cadre summer and now I am transitioning to my second semester (meaning I only have three more to go)! During my freshman year, I was talking to my uncle (Class of 1997) about having a year of prep school and one semester under my belt and he replied “great! Only SEVEN more to go!”… I gave him a frustrated look but I understood his point. It was, and still is, going to be a long road until you reach your goal. With that said, I will leave you with a few words my dad told me after the comment my uncle made that same day: Take each day one and a time. Don’t rush anything. And remember to keep the end goal in mind.


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