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Fun in the Shadows

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Chavarria-Aguilar Photo In most cases, the concept of going to summer school is viewed in a negative connotation. A lot of people think that if you go to summer school it is because you failed a class and need to catch up. However, this is not always the case. I went to summer school because I chose to do so. Yup, your heard me, I sacrificed six weeks of my summer experience in the fleet to stay at the Academy and study Calculus! Heaven forbid! Who would ever do such a thing, right? Well, I’ll admit that I had my doubts about whether or not the decision was really worth it. In the end, everything managed to work out just they way it was meant to be and I learned that sacrificing one thing for another has the potential to create a truly unforgettable experience.


In one of my previous blog entries I explained how I ended up in summer school. So now I’d like to tell you a tale of what Academy life is like during the summer, sans squaring.


You see, the third class cadets that go to summer school exist only in the shadows, behind the scenes so to speak. We were told that we do not exist to swabs, and that the color red (that of our shields) should never be seen by little swabbie eyes. So this made for an interesting time. I’ll have to admit, there’s something quite unique about witnessing R-Day from the outside. I got a bit nostalgic while watching the new swabs run around all frightened and awkward like. Ah, the good old days…


On another note, I only had to take two classes, Calculus I and Leadership and Organizational Behavior. This was nice because I had a lot of free time to get help. The instructors stayed on base most of the day, so getting homework done was a cinch. I spent my free time with my two best friends, Virginia Stoddard and Maria van Scoyoc, which made the experience that much more worthwhile. One time, we were laughing so hard that an officer had to walk all the way down from the other end of the hall to tell us to keep it down. We didn’t for long. I had a lot of fun during summer school, and although some of the assignments were difficult, I managed to end up with solid grades.


Have no fear. If you ever find yourself headed toward summer school, keep your chin up. You never know what kind of fun could be coming your way.


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