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Keeping Afloat

(The Cadet Experience, Class of 2015) Permanent link   All Posts
Rossi Photo Though there are eight different and unique majors here at the Academy, we all must take a core curriculum similar to other colleges. However, these classes are not the typical college courses. Every 3/c cadet must take a course called “Leadership and Organizational Behavior,” LOB as we cadets call it. In this class we learn how to become the complete leader and really start to get exposed to different leadership styles. For example, each year you are required to write an essay in a particular class that will be submitted in the Hewitt Writing and Speaking Contest and as a 3/c, you write the paper in LOB. The topic of the paper was about your identity, asking how it has changed since high school and what would you like to change for the future. For me, I originally saw this as just another assignment. In fact, it turned out to be a solidifying part of why I am here, because I had to reflect on the memories of high school and remember that motivation that brought me to the Academy.


My thesis was about being a leader in the family and transitioning that into a profession; for me this is easy since I had learned so much from my dad and grandparents, also from a personal experience during my senior year when I lost both my cousin and uncle. Mr. Wilhelm, my high school principal, brought me aside and told me that I had to be the leader in family and stay strong. His token of advice was, “Things don’t get better, they get different.” Indeed they did, by me accepting the appointment the Academy I was showing my family it was easy to overcome adversity. I go into everyday thinking that I must treat everything as my family, because when I am in the fleet if I treat my shipmates and ship like my family, I will never let them sink.


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