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cadet blogs

Why I Wanted to Be a Student Blogger

(Choosing the Coast Guard Academy, Class of 2016) Permanent link   All Posts
Miller Photo The first time I stepped foot on campus was June 24th, 2012—the day before R-Day. I didn’t do AIM, or Cadet for Day, because they weren’t possible options for me.


But I didn’t come completely un-informed or ill-prepared—the weeks before reporting, I spent a lot of time on the Academy website, trying to glean as much as I could about it as possible. The cadet blogs were one of the reasons why I felt like I could handle Swab Summer. All of the contributors had made it through. Some even shared stories about their experiences. I was also able to read about experiences the cadets went through during the school year. Their stories gave me events to look forward to.


Even before I knew about the benefits about being a blogger, I wanted to be one. The blogs had so much impact on me, and I want to be able to have that impact on other people, to convince them to come to the Academy, if they truly want to. I also enjoy writing—before I was accepted here, I was considering English as a major.


As a blogger, I will be more than willing to answer questions from anyone who emails me. I love to talk about my experiences, and I know that a lot of potential fourth-class will have a ton of questions, because I did. The cadet blogs were an instrumental part in my mindset toward the Academy, and I hope to have the same effect on future potential students.


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