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Fourth Class Adventures

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Corcoran Photo What’s the point of all work but no play?


After a long night of cleaning for the formal room and wing inspection on Saturday, October 20th, the corps of cadets were rewarded a short weekend for their hard work, mostly due to Bravo Company senior fourth class (the cadet in charge of organizing all of the fourth class in their respective company), Abigail Isaacs, my roommate. Abby did such a good job organizing all of the fourth class to clean for formal room and wing that our company came in first in the inspection. As a result, my good friend and fellow cadet blogger, Caroline Miller and I decided to take the Amtrak to Boston for the first time in our lives. We ended up taking what the Bostonian natives like to call the “T” to Harvard Square, where we watched the Coast Guard Academy rowing team compete in the Head of the Charles. An interesting thing we observed was a boat in the shape of a Mini Cooper, something definitely not normally seen at the Academy. It was nice to be able to get away from campus after a long, hard week of work and be able to wear civilian clothes and let our hair down, something 4/c cadets are only allowed to do when 75 or more miles away.


Exhausted from our day, Caroline and I fell asleep on the train ride home. Having been asleep for quite some time, the train attendant must have assumed we had to get off soon. He awoke Caroline who was sitting on the outside seat by trying to guess her rank.


The attendant muttered, “Ensign…Lieutenant…Lieutenant Commander…”


I was glad the man thought so highly of us, considering most people do not even think I am eighteen years old yet. It was better to be associated as an officer than as a train attendant, which many people who are boarding the train tend to think.


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