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Earning Your Own

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Patron Photo The first semester of my 2/c year has been great! I love my classes. This semester I am taking Spanish III, Criminal Justice, Principal of Electrical Engineering, Tennis/Personal Defense II, Public Policy Making, and International Relations. My most favorite class is Criminal Justice because it is an introduction to the justice system in the Armed Forces. From murder to neglect, we analyze case studies and apply them to key concepts.


This year is also very exciting because graduation is on the horizon. When I as applying to the Academy, a mentor of mine gave me his class ring from the Naval Academy. He was a former prep and he understood the anticipation I was going through during the application process and facing prep school. He told me “Kid, hold on to this until you have a chance to earn your own.” Speechless, I accepted his class ring and promised I would earn mine. A few months later he came to me and demanded I give back his ring. Shocked and confused I gave it back. He then said, “Now you can earn your own...” I took his words to heart and now I find myself as a 2/c – I am earning my own ring and there is no better sense of pride. The class ring to me signifies more than mere gold, this ring means sacrifice and commitment.


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