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Parents’/Family Weekend

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Martin Photo What does October mean? Parents’ Weekend, of course! Going from seeing your parents every day to seeing them three times a year is a big change. Parents’ Weekend is one of those three times a year for me where I get to spend some time with my family, but is also a time for them to see a hint of what my usual day-to-day is like. This year my parents, brother, sister, and aunt were able to fly up for almost a week to see me on the weekend and to see the surrounding area for the remaining days.


I have never eaten so much food in one weekend before in my life! By the end of the weekend I was in pain, mostly from the two pounds of fried fish I ate right before. The week prior to Parents’ Weekend in Marine Biology lab, the lab technician brought in freshly caught oysters and clams for us to try since we were studying mollusks. Not a bad lab, right? Because my lab teacher got me hooked on oysters and clams, we ate oysters, clams, or mussels at every meal along with plenty of other seafood. Being from Arizona, fresh seafood is hard to come by so my family wanted to take advantage of it while they were here and I was not going to complain! By the end of the weekend, I’m amazed there was any left in the New England area. Captain Scott’s is a must go during the summer (it’s open seasonally) for fresh, fried seafood. Also, can’t miss Bravo Bravo and the Daniel Packer Inne in Mystic. We walked around Harkness State Park and Fort Trumbull State Park, always nice. No matter what we do, it’s a good to see family, especially when I can’t see them for Thanksgiving because of the price of a ticket home.


October also means mid-terms. This next week I get to take five exams! Once I’m over this hill, then I get a little break until the next round of tests. I just have to keep on chugging and keep looking toward Thanksgiving.


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