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I Have High Hopes!

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Lash PhotoAlliteration aside, this year has started off really well. From my schedule, to cross country, to being with friends, I am loving it. My schedule is beyond perfect, I don’t know how it is possible, but I have every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoon off! When I use the time wisely, it really takes off the workload for the evenings post cross country practice.


I really like all of my classes this year as well. I am taking Ships and Maritime Systems, Probability and Statistics, Physics I, Principles of American Government, Morals and Ethics, and…here comes the toughest one…Golf! Without all of the stress of being a 4/c (freshman) this year seems a lot easier and more enjoyable.


The best part of every day is cross country practice and the only thing better than practices are the races! This week, we had a race at UMass Dartmouth, and it was the most fun I’ve had so far this year! The course was really flat, so everyone on the team was shattering their personal records! Watching teammates cross the finish line knowing that they had beaten their best times was awesome. Personally, I ran 2 minutes and 5 seconds faster than I have ever run a course. I was amazed with my time and everyone else’s. My dad had the chance to see the race too; so having him cheer me on was really motivating. Sitting here typing about it, I’m still smiling about how swell the race was.


This leads back to the title of this entry! I’m so psyched about the rest of this season. Knowing that I can beat a personal records like that has me hungry for next week’s race. It is going to be a great season and a great year!


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