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Midterms Already

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Cardoza Photo It’s hard to believe that we are already halfway through our first semester of our 3/c year! It’s all gone by so fast! Once the year began, we all knew that this year would not be an easy one, but we are all pushing through it one day at a time! I have to say, being in a sport during the fall season has definitely saved me so far. Classes are very difficult and stressful, but rugby gives me the right outlet that I need. I did not rely so much on sports last year besides just being something that I loved to do. Now I find myself waking up early to work out and going to practice every day not only to clear my mind but to enjoy myself as well.


Even though this year brings about a lot of work, it also brings new opportunities. Last year, we were given the task of being followers, but now we have someone looking up to us. It is a very different dynamic altogether, but as a class I feel like we are doing a fantastic job with being role models for the 4/c. It is nice to have someone looking up to you. Not only does it keep you accountable in order to be a good role model, but it also gives you that leadership experience. I love this year so far. Even though it is hard and can be frustrating sometimes, the people definitely make it better. I don’t know what I would do without the people I have here with me.


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