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Things are Getting Real

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Townsend Photo When I first chose Civil Engineering as a major I was little thrown off by the amount of humanities and writing classes that we had to take because I expected just science classes. I have now reached that point where I am taking strictly major specific classes and I could not be any happier about that. I actually just got back from a lab where we found the specific gravity and did a sieve analysis of fine aggregate, which in other words means we found the weight of very fine rocks. This type of real life application of what we learn in classes is exactly what I looked forward to when choosing this major. I now realize that taking all of those classes during my first two years here was worth it because I now am a better writer when it comes to writing up my engineering reports.


Now that the semester has started it also means that football season has begun which is my favorite part of the year because it means that dance team is also performing! I love spending time with my teammates every afternoon and practicing our routines to perform during the half time of every football game for our families and friends. This year has been a lot of fun so far because the team now collectively choreographs each dance together and every one gets to put their own little part in each dance. I am ecstatic for our next big performance, which will be Homecoming weekend because every year the alumni appreciate us more and more because the majority of them did not have a dance team when they went here.


As the semester continues I think there will be only more good things to come , and I look ahead to these times.


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