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Boats Out of Water

(The Cadet Experience, Class of 2013) Permanent link   All Posts
Ward Photo After rowing Nationals, I was sent to San Diego, California on the CGC Boutwell. It was the same cutter I was stationed on as a 3/c cadet. Since then, it had changed homeports and crews. Because rowing crew had cut into my summer, I was stationed on the Boutwell for about 18 days instead of the standard 42. Luckily, I had already completed many of the trainings 2 years ago onboard the cutter so I was able to qualify Security Watch within those few weeks.


When I first got the assignment to the CGC Boutwell, I was disappointed, as I had already experienced the exact same cutter. However, I am really happy I was sent back. The attitude and the operational success of the cutter had been transformed since I had last been aboard. It was awesome to see the difference in the cutters performance, the crew’s attitude toward not only cadets, but the Coast Guard in general. It was a great example to me about how leadership does have an impact.


But just as soon as I felt settled down, it was time to fly off to Albuquerque for my internship.


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