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Meyers Photo At this point in the year, the workload really starts to pile up. With boards coming up (a test of ALL our 4/c knowledge), classes coming to a close, and other obligations, the amount spent each day just relaxing starts to decrease. Don’t get me wrong, most days I don’t mind being busy, in fact, usually if I’m busy one day, it means I’ve done more than one day’s work and I can relax the next day. Unfortunately, that only works if you manage your time well. There are really two options to getting everything that needs to be done finished.


The first option would be to put everything off until the last minute, rushing to get it done then. I’ve tried doing work this way and all it leads to is an irregular sleep pattern, lower quality work, and a need for caffeine. By letting my workload and due dates dictate when and how I do my work, it actually adds stress to my day, and when I do this for multiple days, the lack of sleep can really add up.


The second option would be to plan ahead and use your free time wisely. Instead of totally relaxing every weekend and not doing any work, setting aside even a couple hours on a Sunday to do work to get ahead for the week can make a major impact on the rest of your week. One of my teachers put it this way. “Every weekend is a challenge. You can choose to get ahead, or let yourself get behind.” And this is true. You would think that giving up your few liberty hours to do homework would be awful, but in the long run, you’ll have more free time during the week. That way you can enjoy both your weekends and your weekdays.


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