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Looking Back

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Townsend Photo These last few months of school have been flying by, which brings joy to me because I am always looking forward to the future. However, sometimes I love to look back at everything that I have done and experienced, and I at some moments I am truly surprised by all that I have done. For instance, I never imagined in high school that I would be enrolled in the classes I am taking right now. I thought that AP Calculus was impossible in high school, and now I am taking Differential Equations; though I owe my success to all of my teachers that spend extra time with me whenever I struggle with topics. My life isn’t only academics though; I have been taking time out of my busy schedule to have fun, too.


Just in my recent past I went on spring break with my three best friends to Southern California and Nevada. It was an amazing event because I have only been to the West Coast twice, and it is great to spend time over there because it is such a different lifestyle. We did so much on spring break that I was exhausted when I returned to school. It was one of the best weeks of my life though, and I would not change anything about it if I were to do it again. The academic portion of the Academy can become very gruesome, but with the help of my friends and going out on trips like this, there is no doubt in my mind that I can make it through.


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