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Final 4c Stretch and JSACWC

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Garrett Photo It’s late March, and 4/c carry on is in sight! Everyone at this point in time is just waiting for that day, when inconvenient and tedious 4/c duties are gone. My friends and I have a countdown to the day when we are ”suppose to” get it. Red Shields here we come! Haha.


Other than the expected, and non-thrilling Board’s stresses and academics, there is a lot to look forward to. The last couple of weeks Combat Arms Team or “CAT” has been practicing like crazy for our upcoming JSACWC event against the other service academies. It should be awesome :) We’ve been doing a lot of rifle drills and learning how to shoot around barriers. Having a team sport to go to every day is definitely one way of making this place more fun. Friends and teammates are crucial, and even though I’m on a predominantly male sports team, you wouldn’t know it. For all the females out there that may be worried about female disadvantages, let me assure you, there are none. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, no gender exceptions or discriminations included. :)


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