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On Returning from Spring Break

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Driscoll Photo Spring break is unfortunately over and the daily grind of life here in New London is slowly starting to get to me. It was nice to go to Florida with the crew team and be a normal college kid—not having to say “sir” or “ma’am,” not squaring and bracing up, and just being myself. However, on the bright(ish) side, there are only six more weeks of school left before finals start!


Everyone on the crew team had been excited for weeks about spring training in Florida, and I understand why. Not having to row on the cold, choppy Thames was exciting enough, but DeLand had enough sun and warm water for all of us. For a week, all we did was eat, sleep, and row—practice twice a day drained people quite well. I learned a lot from the times I took the boat out, and I still have a lot to learn. I struggle holding a perfectly straight course; I need to fix that problem by our first race at the end of the month! Coming back to the Academy was a let-down after such an amazing week of “bro-ing out.”


Academically, the first week back was so bad. Militarily, it was awful. We had a major indoc exam—covering cutter and aircraft specifications, Coast Guard history from the founding of the Revenue Cutter Service to the War on Terror, and Coast Guard customs and traditions—on Friday morning for which 2015 spent all week (read: Thursday night) cramming. It did not go so well; one company has them all graded, and only one person out of a company of thirty passed. On top of this, 1/c Gonzales (the 1LT, the regimental staff officer in charge of training the fourth-class) revoked our whiteboard privileges we earned three weeks ago, because of poor performance. 2015 needs to get its act together—six more weeks, then carry-on!


Speaking of 2015, the 4/c Formal was on Saturday night. I’ve spent the past three weeks helping to prepare for it, by coordinating the seating arrangements and helping decorate Leamy Hall. I never knew when I signed up that it would be so hard to properly seat RADM Stosz, RDML Rendon, LCDR Ely (our class advisor), CDR McGrath (the ACoC), and about thirty other VIPs, along with 250 4/c and their guests! It was frustrating at times, but rewarding in the end. It was nice to see everything come together, seating and decoration-wise, on Friday night and Saturday morning. At the formal, the class council and LCDR Ely formally unveiled our class crest. IT LOOKS GREAT!! I’m honestly surprised how good it looks. I think that it is the best one in Leamy—it certainly beats 2013! I’ll attach some pictures so you can see.


Now that we are entering the final phase of the semester, we have boards and Challenge of the Guardian to look forward to! I cannot wait to finish out this year strong, find out where I am going for my 3/c summer (I’ll keep you posted!), and begin mentoring my 4/c next year! As always, email me if you have any questions:


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