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Academy Questions Part 2

(Choosing the Coast Guard Academy, The Cadet Experience, Class of 2013) Permanent link   All Posts
Ward Photo Here are a few more questions and my responses.


5. What do students do in their free time?

What free time?
But seriously, I’m an engineer and given how structured my day is, I usually don’t have all that much free time. A lot of cadets have hobbies that they partake in, (for instance, I row Varsity crew in the fall and spring, play piano/read books when I can, am a part of a few clubs, am taking two directed studies, and I’m definitely not as active as many other cadets). So you are almost always doing something, you just might really enjoy what you’re doing. As for quiet down time, there isn’t much. At least not for engineers. I know some other majors have very different lives.


6. What do students like to do off-campus?

We watch movies or hang out or go to sponsor parents. Sponsor parents are people in the local community who “adopt” you for your duration at the Academy. There are a lot of groups/clubs here (swing dance, fencing, boxing, etc…) so there are always evening activities going on. On weekends cadets can go to either Boston or New York City if they really want to get away (a 2 hour train ride to either city). Mostly we eat out, hang out, shop, chill at sponsor parent’s houses or partake in sporting events.


7. What else I should know about the Academy?

It definitely changes you. I am so different from I was when I reported in, for better and worse. Also, I know most of my friends who went to civilian colleges don’t have nearly as many fun experiences as I do. When you look at the photos, there are some really cool things I’ve done. But, there are also things I am not able to do. There are aspects of the college life I have to give up such as study abroad, double major, go home more, have a car (before senior year at least), go out on weekdays, etc. It’s all a trade off. As I said earlier though, if I had to do it again I would still come here.


Keep the questions coming! 


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