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cadet blogs

Finals and Winter Leave

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 Christina Bilodeau Finals week is very different at the Academy compared to a normal week here. The corps of cadets is allowed to completely focus on academics with out as many military obligations or formations. I had four finals to take during the exam period, and since I did not have a final on Monday I went to my sponsor mom’s house with my friend, 4/c Lutton. She and I relaxed, studied, and slept. My sponsor mom made us feel very welcome and comfortable, which was exactly what we needed during a stressful academic time. On Sunday 4/c Lutton and I went to a light parade in Niantic. I had never experienced a light parade before but it was very fun and it helped us get out and forget our studies for a few hours.

Finals themselves went fairly well, and I finished with a decent GPA. I felt academically challenged this past semester and I am definitely ready for a fresh start and hopefully an improvement for the spring semester. My schedule this semester consists of Writing about Lit, Multivariable Calculus, Personal Defense, Principles of Fitness and Wellness, Chemistry II, Navigation, and Macroeconomics. This appeals to me more than last semesters schedule so I hope I am able to improve my academic standing.

Winter leave felt short but it was incredible to spend time with my family and friends from home. I spent a week in Naples, Florida visiting family, soaking up the sun, and collecting shells from the beach. Although I felt a pit in my stomach upon returning, I know that eventually during this semester we will transition away from being 4/c. This idea and the people I spend time with here are two major aspects that keep me going strong and happy to be back at the Academy.

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