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The Journey Has Been Incredible

(The Cadet Experience, Class of 2015) Permanent link   All Posts
 Christina Bilodeau Swab Summer felt like it would never end, and now I find myself already headed towards midterms of the fall semester. Delta, the company I was placed in starting on Reporting-In Day, had 37 Swabs. We finished the summer with only 30. The group of us became very close over the summer, having to adjust our lifestyles from civilian to military in just a short seven weeks. These “short” seven weeks felt like the longest weeks I have ever experienced. We were constantly pushed outside of our “comfort” zones every minute of the day. I have met best friends here that I can fully trust and completed tasks that I never thought my body or mind could handle.

The journey has been incredible so far; the physical and mental challenges we have faced here are indescribable and rewarding. Transitioning from the summer to the academic school year was definitely a challenge but I am glad that I now can manage my own schedule. I begin each day before six a.m. and progress until the early hours of the morning going to classes, volleyball practice and games, military trainings, drill practice, or doing my schoolwork.

After our volleyball games this Saturday, I am finally going home for the long Columbus Day weekend. My roommate and friend are also coming along. It will be weird to have my two worlds (home and the Academy), come together. I have yet to go home since Reporting-In Day in June so I am ready to see Maine again!

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