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Do Not Give Up

(Choosing the Coast Guard Academy, Overcoming Challenges, Class of 2015) Permanent link   All Posts
 Sara Cantrell Well today was our last day of classes! It almost feels unreal to think that I have successfully completed my first semester of college at the Academy. It is one of the best feelings I have ever felt. To think back, it was only six short months ago that I was getting on an airplane leaving every single piece of comfort and delving into a high speed and structured life. I am so grateful for friends, family, and professors who got me through this semester. It is the final push until winter leave! There are only four exams standing in the way of a two and a half week work-free break. I am so excited to go home and spend time with family, friends and most of all appreciate the little things that I took for granted before coming here. Examples? Eating normally, wearing my hair down, walking normally, looking around, driving a car, wearing civilian clothes, getting tan. Trust me the list goes on. Going home for Thanksgiving got me recharged for the last two weeks of school and finals.

The swimming and diving season has been going very well! It is so great to be on a sports team, going to practice every day is my escape from the pressure and stress of the Academy. This past weekend I broke the school record for three meter diving, which was an exciting experience for me and hopefully I can continue to get better and break more records!

As the semester closes I just want to say that no matter what, do not give up. There have been so many tough weeks and late nights, but I know that this is where I want to be and therefore I fight through it. I will never give up because I know why I came and what I want to be in the future. I remember around this time last year was when I received my acceptance letter and I made my OWN decision to come here over other schools. As you receive your letters make sure you are choosing something that YOU want to do and you can see yourself committing to no matter how hard it will get. Believe me while at the Academy you will go through your toughest days physically, mentally, or emotionally, and you have to be willing to stay committed. Happy holidays! Enjoy your break :)

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