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Christmas Leave Here I Come

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 Nicole Garrett There is only a week between finals and me. While I know it has been about 6 months since I was last home, it honestly doesn’t feel that long. I am really excited to go home and see my family. However, I’m not to leave yet!

Since it is the end of the semester I’m sure some of you are curious about what the academics are like at the Academy. Well, in all honesty, I did Running Start my senior year of high school and then a year of college after I graduated high school before coming here. I honestly feel that going to college beforehand and taking college level chemistry, math, and physics classes has helped me a lot. However, I also believe that the key behind all the time management you hear about is getting into a routine. If you figure out your routine and stick to it you will be set. Also…. asking for help immediately when you don’t understand something is crucial.

Another thing I feel has helped me out is that I have experienced living on my own and the responsibilities and freedoms of it. For example, I was up doing homework late and all I could think about was sleeping, but wouldn’t lie down till my homework was done. Someone said to me “You’re in college you can do whatever you want. Go to sleep.” My only response was “I’ve been doing whatever I want for years…what I really want is to do well here.” I believe I mentioned this earlier, but I want to be a pilot. So on the late nights when you want to say “Forget it!” and go to bed… having something that your fighting for is the best motivation in the world to stay up.

This may be a little early but… MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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