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cadet blogs

A Year in Review

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 Kody Kekoa As we enter 2012 with excitement and enthusiasm, I felt that it is important to reflect on the past year.

2011 marked the first full year that I was blessed with the many opportunities that stem from the U.S. Coast Guard. While there were low points, they were greatly outnumbered by the positive moments.

Some of the memories I have are…
  • Traveling to France without the financial help of others.
  • Completing a year of prep school at the New Mexico Military Institute.
  • Joining the USCGA Boxing Team and traveling to some states for the first time.
  • Sailing on the USCGC Eagle into New York Harbor with the Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, on board.
As cliché as it sounds, each day has guided me toward becoming a better person. My confidence is being constantly raised as I complete every day, although some seem nearly impossible.

It is that time of year for many of you high school seniors to narrow down your college choices and ultimately decide where you will attend. My best advice for you is to enjoy high school and go out with a bang. College will come soon enough, so this last semester and summer is for you to have fun.


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