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Weekends at the Academy

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 Kody Kekoa As the famous poet, Rebecca Black once said “It’s Friday, Friday, gonna get down on Friday!” and indeed I am writing this entry on a Friday. If I were at home in Hawaii or at another college, it would be the start to a weekend where not a single care in the world would be given toward school. However, at the Academy, there is a different view of the weekend and it is actually a gift from the academic gods.

Fourth class (freshmen) do not have liberty on Fridays, and the liberty on Saturday and Sunday is limited, unless instructed otherwise. Other than eating, chilling with friends, working out, and sleeping, there is not much to do. So to pass by the time, we partake in the great pastime of homework. While it may seem like a downer, it is actually a blessing in disguise.

Cadets have sports, extracurricular activities, moments for themselves, and school all vying to take our precious time. So getting ahead of the game, by doing homework and studying for the future, really helps relieve the stress for the upcoming weeks. The weekend is also the best way to recover and catch up on sleep, which I believe is the number one reason why life can get pretty hard here. Another reason why I value the weekend is because it gives me time to talk with my family and friends. For as many opportunities that my shipmates and I are being opened up to, it is important to never forget where we came from.

At the Academy, the typical weekend may be uneventful. However, cadets really develop a sense of respect and value for this time.


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